Business Partnerships

A major component of our success at Vacation Innovations are the relationships formed between our partners and consumers. We work closely with companies, resorts, and industry professionals to increase the benefits of vacation ownership. Through these partnerships, we’re reinventing the industry – for the better.

Our unique and progressive business model allows us to help consumers, HOAs, developers, and vacation clubs, simultaneously.

To Resort HOAs, we provide the answer to timeshare resale. When members inquire about their resale options, we offer sales and rental services. By providing owners with a channel to rent and resell their unused timeshare weeks through the Vacation Innovations brands, Resorts can increase customer service and owner satisfaction. Vacation Innovations serves as a timeshare resale partner for dozens of resorts around the world.

For vacation clubs and resorts, we offer vendor opportunities for unused timeshare weeks. By maximizing your rental potential, you’ll have the chance to monetize unused inventory. On the consumer level, we assist individuals with all aspects of the timeshare sales process.

Continue reading to learn how we help companies and organizations become even better at what they do.

HOA Services HOA Services

  • Owner Referral Program for Resorts

    Management companies use our brands to recommend rental and resale resources to their owners.

  • HOA Management Company Resale Marketing Program

    We manage resort resale options for your owners so you don’t have to.

  • Providing Legal Counsel & Foreclosure Services for Timeshare Owners and Management Companies

    We provide an in-house legal team. From contract negotiation to foreclosures, our team of knowledgeable attorneys can provide guidance in almost all areas of timeshare law.

Travel and Vacation Club Services Travel and Vacation Club Services

  • Upscale Resort Rental Inventory well below OTA rates

    Access to the world’s rental inventory at affordable rates for your clients.

  • Overstock Inventory for Rentals

    With an inventory of high-demand rentals, we can fulfill your client’s request for almost any resort and travel destination.

  • SEO, PPC, and Email marketing support services

    Marketing consultations based on our proven business strategies.

Consumer Services Consumer Services

  • Clean and Pressed Upscale Rentals at Owner Direct Prices

    Easily rent timeshare weeks without purchasing a full ownership. With’s book-it-now innovative technology, you can instantly book a reservation just like your favorite discount travel sites.

  • Timeshare Closing Services

    We house a full-service timeshare closing company to coordinate all aspects of your closing, including title and escrow services.

Vacation Innovations doesn’t engage in…

  • Cold calling sales leads
  • Buying timeshare owner lists
  • Selling consumer information

Vacation Innovations is in compliance with…

  • Federal Trade Commission’s CAN-SPAM Act for Email Guidelines