Spirit of Giving

Our Philosophy

Vacation Innovations was founded upon the principle of treating people with respect.  We believe that principle comes with a responsibility that extends beyond the walls of our offices into the communities in which we work and live.  As part of our corporate spirit of giving, we actively engage in supporting local charities and causes that address the crisis of homelessness and encourage our employees to do the same.

Our charity of choice is Miles To Go, a local organization founded by Miles Newbold, our CEO’s son, with a focus on providing essential supplies to the homeless in Central Florida.  In addition, Vacation Innovations CEO and Co-Founder Chad Newbold is active in several nonprofits focused on improving the lives of children and the homeless both locally and internationally.  In support of these organizations, Chad has tirelessly helped raise money to build schools in developing countries and provide children in need with clothing, school supplies and other essentials.

Miles To Go was founded in 2018 by then-9-year-old Miles Newbold.  It all began when Miles asked his mom to give money to someone at a red light.  After an open and honest talk, Miles came up with the idea to instead provide bags of essential supplies to those in need.

A 501(c)(3) charitable organization, Miles To Go collects, organizes and distributes essential products from toothbrushes and socks to hand sanitizer and bottled water to the homeless community in and around Orlando.  What started as a simple idea has grown significantly, and the organization has now provided more than 3,000 supply bags to those who need it most.

To find out more about Miles To Go, including how to donate, visit www.milestogocharities.org.